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The Arts Initiative

114 University Hall, 230 N Oval Mall, Columbus, OH 43210
TEL: 614 292-4435; FAX: 614 247-0032

Valarie Williams
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences,
Arts and Humanities,;
Executive Director, Arts Initiative
Professor of Dance;
614 292-4063

Christopher Gose
Deputy Director of Facilities and Programming
The Arts Initiative;
614 292-4437

Merijn van der Heijden
Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Curatorial Practice,
The Arts Initiative;
614 292-5184

Curt Vance
Fiscal and Human Resources Manager
The Arts Initiative
614 292 7076

Kelly McNicholas
Communications Coordinator
The Arts Initiative

Betty O’Brien
Director of Strategic Program Planning, 
OSU/Royal Shakespeare Company Programs;
614 247-7050

Jeremy Stone
Senior Preparator
The Arts Initiative


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