The Lantern: "Faculty members bring their art to the spotlight"

October 14, 2016
picture of a piece at the Wish You Were Here exhibition

The Ohio State student news publication, The Lantern, published an article previewing Urban Arts Spacs's latest exhibition, Wish You Were Here created by the Department of Art.

"Art professors are taking their talents outside the classroom and into Urban Arts Space to share their work with the community in the Department of Art 2016 faculty exhibition: 'Wish You Were Here.'

The show was organized collectively by the participating faculty members, said Rebecca Harvey, the Department of Art chair.

'The faculty are all very well-known international artists in their own right, so they had quite a bit of leeway about what they wanted to put in,' Harvey said. “And that’s what we wanted to see; what they were most excited about showing.'"

Read the full article here.